Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Into Laos on a Boat

A cock in Chiang Khong - a sleepy Thai border town
It has been three days of traveling from Pai, Thailand into Luang Parbang, Laos. One day exchanging buses in Thailand and two more days on a slow boat after crossing the border to Laos. While having a slow boat on the Mekong may sound cool, it's not that amazing. The view is really beautiful but quite monotonous. The boat is filled with falangs (foreigners) as the locals prefer the cheaper and faster buses nowadays. Felt a little bit like a college class trip.

Enjoy the pictures.
Frognector taking in some Mekong breeze

Feels a bit like a class trip for falangs (foreigners) herded into Laos

Cattle transported on the Mekong

The bulls didn't pay for their boat ride but I doubt
they'd be happy when they reach their destination

Only at the end of the last day we realized the boat's
roof can be opened so as to allow soaking in more sky

Mekong beach


  1. Aaaaw, you're making me miss my lazy Laos days! Keep on posting, love reading it! :)

  2. The Bulls were the best part :) and the view looks much more brown than I remeber